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Hey everyone, I hope you've all been well! Hopefully old friends will be visiting again, and it would be great if some new ones stopped by too :) I missed running a personal site so much. The last year has been CRAZY!! We've moved yet again, but this time we have settled into a wonderfully tiny and rural house. What I love about where I live now:

  • We have 20 acres and are surrounded by trees- in SOCAL!! It's incredible.
  • We live less than a mile from one of my hubby's mine >~< I get to go muck with him sometimes, oddly it is one of my favorite things to do
  • The kids are enjoying getting completely covered in dirt and so am I
  • We have since gotten a new Belgian Malinois, she's a rescue and is an incredible dog. I'll have to post a blog for her specifically someday
  • Sofia's new school is perfect for her!! It's sweet, cute, tight-knit, and full of kids who love the outdoors just like she does.. I'm so excited for her. +++They also have a farmers market every week! ITS AMAZING
  • We have NO CELL signal here and yes, that is one thing I love about this place. I don't have to deal with constant calls from various people. It's been a very relaxing quarantine up here.
  • We are good friends with our neighbors and they have a POND full of FISH and they let us go there, dogs in toe, to BBQ, swim and fish. Sofia caught her first one there!
  • There are a ton more things I love about it, but I'll wrap this up with the fact that it is gorgeous here. I will post pictures soon enough <3

Sofia's first day of FIRST GRADE was today... ;_; I didn't expect to cry but.. of course I did on the ride back to the house. Seeing her hop so enthusiastically onto the bus was a bittersweet moment. She is such an amazing kid with so much to offer the world. My only hope is that my hubby and I raise her right and support that spirit of hers rather than try to mold her to the rest of the world.

Jeanluc is HUGE now. He's been walking and speaking his jargon for a couple months now, and is so sosososo sweet. We taught him how to give kisses, and other various, albiet, ridiculous and random mannerisms. He's very smart. I'm blown away each day by his dexterity and personality.

Well, that's it for now. I believe this was a perfect "refresher blog" to get back into things here. I look forward & hope to hear from visitors!! Happy end of summer and hope September treats all of you better than you could imagine.

Posted on August 17, 2016 @ 10:00PM

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