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Hello & HAPPY DECEMBER!! >~< need I say it again that I am *STOKED* for Christmas??!

I made a mobile responsive stylesheet for you all... here's a peak:

Now go see it live and let me know what you think! I've also added a few more bullets and backgrounds. I'm going to slow down a bit with uploading content for the next couple of weeks and put in the work on my new domain. This one is expiring in February so I'd like to have everything moved and updated by the end of January @~@

I'll also be opening my shop along with my new domain. Olivia inspired me to just do it! So I have been working on making sparkling little gold pieces of jewelry for you all at an extremely good price, plus free shipping! I'm really excited. I'm also considering getting the materials to start making decoden phone cases, etc, because I myself really want one but don't want to spend more than $20.. ;)

Hope you all round out your year with laughter and fun stuff! Looking forward to hearing from you all!

PS I just added this pearl bracelet divider (under web materials) >~<

Home > NOVEMBER 29, 2016

So I just wanted to check in really quick with a few updates :)

I have been working on building my new site, but while I was trying to make a new layout I inadvertently made a premade layout for you all! So here it is:

I also added a new section, marquee boxes.

Sofia's school break is over so we're all getting back into our normal routine. It's been so wet and cold here, which is odd for socal (however we ARE up in the mountains) so I wasn't able to do any laundry for a few days! >~< We don't have a dryer, I just hang everything out on the line. I prefer to do that, actually. I like the way the clothes smell and I like saving money on electric/gas.

Which brings me to *dressers* We don't have one >~< and I found one i like on craigslist, now it's just a matter of getting down the hill and into town. I just went the other day to stock up on food and I don't want to waste gas and trek down there for just one thing. I suppose I could do more Christmas shopping, but I have to wait until Thursday. It's already mid afternoon here, I have some homemade baked beans going in the oven, and I'll have to pick sof up from school in just a couple hours.. so that would definitely not give me enough time to run around town.

Our house smells so good right now. I love making baked beans from scratch, and it's really easy. The only *con* is that it takes 8 hours in the oven. I don't like using crockpots though, and I don't even see the bake time as a con.. it's just that you need to prepare, otherwise it's a no-go.

Would anyone like my recipe? I'd be happy to post it, if so.

I got a little crafty today and made myself a pair of star charm rose gold hoop earrings. I've been looking online for black Friday sales for some gold hoops but just can't bring myself to spend $100 or more on just a pair of earrings.. so, I made some. I'm actually wearing them right now! ^~^

Aside from working on more content for you all, I'm also starting a new little project for Sayla. She asked me to make her some buttons and I'm super excited to get those done! Can't wait to share new content with you all.. have a good one! xo